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                  泥工老程的“装修答卷”:心中有尺 要99%以上无差


                  2017年09月23日06:24  来源:人民网


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                  "And we call upon all parties to play a constructive role in easing tensions. There is still hope for peace and we must not give up. Negotiation is the only way out, which deserves every effort. Parties should meet each other half way, by addressing each other"s legitimate concerns."

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                  Following the Fed statement, the yuan"s central parity rate against the dollar weakened by 197 basis points day-on-day to a September low of 6.5867 on Thursday, data from the People"s Bank of China, the central bank, showed.


                  Moon also made several pledges in this respect: "We do not desire the collapse of North Korea (DPRK). We will not seek unification by absorption or artificial means. If North Korea makes a decision, even now, to stand on the right side of history, we are ready to assist North Korea together with the international community."


                  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday met with his South Korean counterpart, Kang Kyung-wha, and reiterated Beijing"s demand for the removal of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile shield.

                  It will also utilize mobile internet technology to accelerate the entry of tourists, including offering enough QR codes at entrances for people"s smartphones to scan.


                  The Fed"s positive views of U.S. economic growth as well as the expected progress of U.S. President Donald Trump"s tax reform may help to boost the dollar against other currencies, according to a report sent to the Global Times by the financial research center under Bank of Communications (BoCom).

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